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Joel Mayward

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Christopher Nolan's upcoming film (which may or may not be released on July 17, depending on how well we've controlled the coronavirus pandemic) has a new full trailer:

It looks very Nolanesque: time-bending visuals, enigmatic narrative, a blue-grey-beige color palette, and massive set pieces. I'm intrigued by the cast Nolan has here, and interested to see how this film will fit in the larger cultural conversation about when/how to reopen things in our pandemic era.

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This trailer is so much of what I don't miss about the closure of theaters. My interest in Nolan has waned in direct proportion to how much bigger and louder his movies have become.



Takin' 'er easy for all you sinners at lookingcloser.org. Also abiding at Facebook and Twitter.


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I am not saying the movie was dreadful, but...my movie-going experience was...even though I managed to time this (by eyeing Fandango) so that I was literally the only person in the theater...


I saw on Letterboxd that Anders liked it a good bit, and his review is probably fairer than mine. It was a reminder to me that we all have different tastes around here and...that's okay. 



What we are left with is essentially a James Bond movie crossed with Memento (or maybe Looper). But the time travel stuff is gilding. It's all about find the package, thwarting the villain and pushing the button (or pulling the lever) before some digital clock reaches zero signalling...nuclear annilation, a cosmic snap, the Strange end of all souls...whatever. 


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