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Round 3 voting

Darren H

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We've trimmed the list to one film per director and broken the ties. Now it's time to settle on the final ordering of the top 25.

Here are the rules.

Step 1: Assign the original rank to every film you have not seen. For example, if you haven't seen Silence, please rank it 4.

Step 2: Reassign the rank of all remaining films however you please. Take care to use each number (1-25) only once.

We have 23 active participants in the process. We will grandfather in the original ranking for everyone who doesn't vote. The final top 25 will be based on average score (total divided by 23). Ties will go to whatever film was ranked higher in the original list.

Deadline: Tuesday, May 26, at 11:59 PM (Eastern)


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