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The King of Staten Island (2020)

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What's that phenomenon where pilots are in clouds too long and stop trusting their instruments? I haven't seen a good new movie in such a long time that I'm not sure if Hollywood is holding everything good back or my desire for something good is thwarting my expectations.

There was a part of my riff here that got cut about my re-teaching High Fidelity this year in British Novel and each year I teach it having my students finding it less and less funny. I think Hornby way better than Apatow, but I am wondering if the slacker dude comedy is not right for the current moment.



One is supposed to forgive all, I think, because Scott’s father is a dead firefighter. And honestly, I might have, if the film had allowed itself to be more centrally about grief or more convincing that the shadow of a great man was what was inhibiting the protagonist. If the death of Scott’s dad is supposed to be a root cause of his delinquency, shouldn’t processing that death be part of his steps toward maturity? In a very strange exchange, a character tells Scott, “You’re dad is looking down on you,” to which he replies, “No, he’s not.”


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