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Becoming Astrid (2018)

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I've had this sitting on my screener shelf for a year or more, but you know with the pandemic and all....

Anyway, it is quite good, and I was pleased that it had the moral complexity of "real life" and avoided turning all the characters into he flattest versions of themselves or the principles they represent. Might even be worth adding to the "Spiritually Significant...by Women" thread.

My one reservation was that I thought the film deliberately glossed over the fact that Sture Lindgren was married (he eventually left his wife to marry Astrid) since that didn't really fit the thematic narratives about family, parental devotion, suffering, etc. That's a shame, I thought, because I thought the film primed the audience to see complexity in decisions where other films might just show things in black and white, so it made me wonder if that part was elided because it didn't trust the audience or because some part of it really ran counter to the themes in the film.

I was also unaware that actress Alba August was the daughter of Bille August (Pelle the Conqueror).

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