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This is one strange movie. Can't say I liked it, but I suspect those who liked Marjorie Prime and Experimenter could be enthralled. And Ethan Hawke is fearless these days. I think the film is meant to convey the fuzzy line between madness and genius, legend and history. It varies wildly in art design and style -- perhaps an emblem of "alternating current?" and didn't quite come together for me. But boy some of the individual scenes are great as set pieces. 

I'll be curious if the Experimenter fans in A&F are entertained...paging Mike Leary....?


Link to Experimenter thread: 

Link to Marjorie Prime thread:


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David Cook at Christian Spotlight:


The film dives further into this question of truth by plotting out full scenes that are rescinded and revealed to never have happened. As the style of the film grows more and more absurd, the substance fades away. It no longer explores the man of Nikola Tesla and his fall from grace. It’s too interested in distracting its audience with countless references to cats, purposely fake sets, and deliberate (I can only imagine) out-of-tune violinists—one of whom is roller skating while playing. It’s trying to be so clever that it becomes dull, and the quest for truth is unfortunately dismissed.


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I liked this one. It's very much a repetition of what he's doing in Experimenter and not as interesting the second time around, but still intriguing. My biggest takeaway, however, is that I think the film is more illuminating about Thomas Edison than Nikola Tesla. Kyle MacLachlan is great as Edison. I could've watched an entire film about him.

I also reviewed it at 3 Brothers Film if anyone is interested in longer thoughts.

"Someone like Jean-Luc Godard is for me intellectual counterfeit money when compared to a good kung fu film." - Werner Herzog


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