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The buzz around this one (79 at Metacritic) is accurate; this is an informative, entertaining documentary.  Even more impressive, it's a directing debut; though I think it's no coincidence that the most veteran crew member was also the editor of Won't You Be My Neighbor? and Hail Satan?, two of my favorite docs of recent years.  Feels Good Man has that same capacity to delight and surprise, with a comparable spirit of playful seriousness about it.

Feels Good Man does a few things excellently: it's a profile of a counterculture cartoonist Matt Furie and his best-known creation, Pepe the Frog; it tells how that creation was co-opted by the alt-right, incels, Trump, and Alex Jones, ultimately becoming the world's most prolific meme generator; it gives a look at incel culture; and it shows Furie's fight to reclaim his creation.  It's well above your standard talking head documentary, aided significantly by colorful animation that uses a similar vibrant palette as Rick and Morty.  Very highly recommended.

(Prior to this film, my first and only encounter with Pepe was at a white supremacist counter-demonstration in Knoxville 2017, where one of the loser weirdos on the other side was toting around an image of Pepe.  In one of the few times I felt pride in the state where I reside, we vastly outnumbered the opposing mix of Klansmen, Confederacy huggers, and related garbage.) 

Anywho, here's my full review: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/secularcinephile/2020/09/pepe-the-frogs-birth-death-and-rebirth-in-feels-good-man/


Edited by Andrew

To be an artist is never to avert one's eyes.
- Akira Kurosawa


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