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"Christian" Comedies

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I am waffling between a minimal review of an upcoming film and a longer essay on why Christian movies can't do comedy.

So I'm asking if anyone is aware of movies in the Christian movie genre that are comedies.

To be clear, I am not thinking Divine Comedies...I am defining "Christian Movies" as a genre much as I always have, meeting two of the following: By Christians (production company/talent/producers, not just necessarily with people who identify as Christians participating; conceived and led by Christians), for Christians (marketed to a niche audience); about Christians (content/theme).

Off the topic of my head, I can think of five movies in the Christian movie genre that are tying to be comedies:

  • Mom's Night Out
  • Christian Mingle
  • Selfie Daad
  • Small Group (forthcoming)
  • The Virgins

Am I missing anything? Since my thesis is that Christian movies can't do comedy because they don't want to do either or the things that comedy is built on (scorn/self-examination), I am wondering if I am missing any obvious examples of Christian comedies that are successful (artistically even if not financially). When I Googled this, I got a lot of hits for some stand up by someone named "Chondra Pierce" -- has anyone seen any of these?


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