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2020 Arts & Faith Ecumenical Jury

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Dear Colleagues,

I am open to having an Ecumenical Jury this year, but if we do, we would have to get started. Since Joel has taken point the last few years and is focusing on his Ph.D. studies at the moment, perhaps this is an idea that has run its course? Or is there someone else who wants to take a leadership role?

As a reminder, the Ecumenical Jury was originally something I proposed when Christianity Today stopped doing its "Most Redemptive" or "Critics Choice List." The first year, the results were posted here and at my blog. For subsequent years it was at Image. Once Image sold the site I think it was at Transpositions one year but I think last year was just here.

Anyhow, if anyone wants to see this continue, post here or send me a DM. If someone wants to take an organizational or leadership role, that would please me, but if nobody does, I''ll let it die. Unfortunately, I just don't have time to organize it myself, especially given that in recent years, there have been more participants who were outside of A&F and simply interacted with the foreperson.

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I had initially planned not to do this, but I got one or two e-mails from non board members, so I'll do a modified/streamlined one...similar to the IndieWire poll. I'll send out a blank ballot after Christimas and you can return up to ten titles in order that you recommend for a Christian/faith audience. I'll tabulate the results and post the list. If you'd like to participate, PM me and I'll make sure you get a ballot.

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I am very pleased that 11 A&F members and friends kept this tradition alive. 

The results have been populated in our list section: http://artsandfaith.com/index.php?/films/year/20-2020-arts-faith-ecumenical-jury/

I'll be adding an intro at the A&F Blog and we have blurbs coming from various participants. The final list was:

1) Nomadland

2) Minari

3) Dick Johnson is Dead

4) Sound of Metal

5) Soul

6) First Cow

7) The Painter and the Thief

8) Da 5 Bloods 

9) Young Ahmed

10) David Byrne's American Utopia

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