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The Dandelion Method


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My band, the Dandelion Method*, is coming back from a long summer's nap. We are readying a CD, to be released late September/early October, and we have some shows coming out. It would be great to see some people there...

Monday, September 13 at Chop Suey (Cap. Hill)

The Dandelion Method (we play first -- doors at nine, music at 9:30)

Amateur Boyfriend

In Praise of Folly

The Charity Stripe

$5, 21+

Friday, September 24 at the Living Room (www.livingroomseattle.org - Fremont)

free, guests TBA

more will appear on this thread as it comes up...

our outdated website: www.dandelionmethod.com

*What do we sound like? I like to think of us as a bizarre combination of Phish, Ben Folds Five, the Appleseed Cast, Switchfoot, and Pedro the Lion. But I might be wrong.

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Our website is updated. Give a listen to the new songs under "sneak preview from the new album."

Our entire debut album (The Mystery, the Science, Unraveling -- released in 2002) is available as a free download as well.

Send me a pm with your email and I'll add you to our email list..

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DUDE. Someone posted about my band.

We did. She was with us from our inception (2000ish) until we released our first record (2002). Her cello playing is all over that album and it is very nice.

It was pretty hard to fit 6 people on a stage in a bar...and to mic that thing was a beast. She eventually got a pickup installed, which was great, but then she decided to move on. Rock music wasn't her thing...and now she's getting a Masters in Theology.

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I like the organ at the end of 'Sleep Crash' very much. 'Grey Skies' is on the moment, and it's ok... actually that weird sounding floaty guitar that's just come in (about 50 secs in) sounds really good. Ahh, the chorus. Oh no! some of the louder bits are distorting, Probably just my computer though. 4.10 secs in. That guitar again. Very satisfying.

How did you record this? Is it a DIY job or have you got access to pro tools somewhere along the line? My only comment on the sound quality is that occasionally the drive on the guitar sounds a little thin, a bit waspy, like it could do with more bass. But having said this, I'm increasingly getting the impression that it's hard to record electric guitars really well.

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It is DIY, but we had access to a full-on studio with protools, etc. I'm not much of a recording guy (I'm just the drummer) but it does seem like one of the problems with digital recording is getting the guitars to sound nice and full. If you hear some of the old songs, which we recorded in the same studio but with MUCH less knowledge of what the heck we were doing, some of the guitars sound so ridiculous -- it's like a computer trying to sound like a guitar.

I think you're right though, in general I wish the guitar (esp the 2nd/rhythm guitar) sounded like it had a little more *oomph* behind it.

If anyone's interested, the full length record will be available October 26, and I'll take mail orders! smile.gif

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So, it's 13 years later. Here are some recordings we made for fun over the last 5 years. The record referred to earlier in this thread sounds really bad to me now, if I'm honest. I like the songs, but the recordings don't make sense to me at all. We were just learning how to record, I guess.

What I like the most is just listening to jams recorded in a room, which is what this  (Below) is.



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