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OK gang, you asked for it:

On Sunday, Sept. 26, at 7 p.m., anyone fortunate enough to be seated in the Parlor at Bethany Presbyterian Church, 1818 Queen Anne Ave. N. in Seattle, will be subjected to at least twelve songs from not one, but two singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalists -- SIMULTANEOUSLY. Martin Stillion (violin, viola, mandolin, mandocello, octave mandolin, electric mandolin, resophonic tenor guitar, Irish tenor banjo, D.S., D.D.S., A.D.H.D.) and Keith Van Eaton (guitar, slide guitar, piano, saxophone, sitar, bassoon, berimbau, O.B.E., E.S.L., P.M.S.), along with special guests, will present a high-energy, low-fidelity, caffeine-fueled, politically incorrect, interactive, eclectic duo concert of gospel, folk, old-time, bluegrass, blues, jazz, novelty and rock'n'roll songs, trading vocals and accompanying each other on a terrifyingly diverse assortment of instruments.

"People with no sense of humor who hate music should definitely stay at home and shut the windows on Sunday night," said Stillion. "We couldn't be responsible for what might happen. Also, fans of Tonio K., Bob Dylan, T Bone Burnett, Kelly Joe Phelps, the New Lost City Ramblers, Flanders and Swann, Ralph Stanley, and Frank Sinatra should be aware that although we might be covering songs by those artists, we can't guarantee that the songs will be in recognizable form."

The concert is part of Bethany Presbyterian's highly touted Sunday Night in the Parlor (SNiP) series, which has featured acclaimed (Robert Deeble, David Harsh, Wes Waddell) and not-so-acclaimed (Watch the Sky, Stare at the Ground) bands and artists from the Pacific Northwest. Refreshments will be served, and the evening also includes a showing of visual art by South African artist Ursula Grobler. The music starts at 7 p.m. and lasts for about an hour, or as long as the audience can stand it. No animals will be harmed in the making of this event. Any similarity to actual musicians, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Let's Carl the whole thing Orff!

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