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Darrel Manson

What are your favorite shows?

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Here's my current list:

1. Dead Like Me

2. Jack and Bobby

3. Now

4. Lost

5. NYPD Blue

6. Joan of Arcadia

7. 6 Feet Under

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1. The Amazing Race

2. Lost

3. Alias

4. Smallville

5. Enterprise

6. Survivor

And that's all I watch.

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1. Lost

2. (Waiting on) Alias

Oops - Without a Trace should go here

3. Jack & Bobby

4. The Simpsons (although almost always the reruns)

5. King of Queens (same as above)

Guilty pleasures

1. America's Funniest Home Videos

2. Extreme Makeover Home Edition

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Not in any particular order....

Joan of Arcadia


Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Amazing Race

The Apprentice

CSI if I'm irritated at the Apprentice

Without a Trace (forgot this one, thanks BethR!) smile.gif

Guilty pleasure: Celebrity Poker Showdown

And until the season is over... baseball, baseball, baseball. smile.gif

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Honestly, I'm still mourning a TV-scape without a Mutant Enemy show, but am beginning to follow (not in any particular order):

Joan of Arcadia--liking where it seems to be going, so far

Lost--could be just another JJ Abrams "what twist we can dream up this week," but so far, I'm intrigued enough to stick with it & see what develops

Veronica Mars--She's no Buffy, and the writing's not stellar, but I'm a sucker for plucky girl heroes. "Weevil" and "Wallace" are fun too.

Everwood--soap city. DH and I like to yell at busybody Dr. Brown.

The O.C.--(in November) more soap! DH and I like to spot the Orange County locations and yell at everyone, but we love Seth Cohen--hope he makes it back from Tahiti!

Without a Trace / Law & Order (OS) / Cold Case / ER

Guilty pleasures:

MTV's Made--as makeover shows go, this one is actually pretty sweet. Usually a high-schooler from nowhere gets a coach and all the resources to turn him or herself into something quite different--a nerd into a basketball player, a tomboy into a beauty queen, a shy girl runs for student government, a 5th-year senior party-boy wants to graduate. All the kid has to do is--the work. And they actually do.

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Since the untimely demise of Angel last season, I've not been too thrilled to watch any TV series. But I do like:

24 - With most of the cast gone from last year, it's back on Jack Bauer to carry the show. Hopefully this season (starting in Jan.) resembles season 1 or the last 8 episodes of season 3.

Scrubs - Surprisingly consistent. Still doesn't feel tired or cliched, even in it's fourth season.

Law and Order: Criminal Intent - Just plain fun and cool.

Dead Like Me - Slow start this season, but the storylines have picked up.

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The Swan

Oh, come on ... you know you watched it! And you're gonna watch the second installment later this season.

Looks like I've further damaged my illustrious TV-watching credentials by naming (in jest, although I did watch it, and I liked it) a Fox reality show as my favorite show, so I'll backtrack now and tell you that my actual favorite TV show is ....

American Idol.

Doh! I did it again! OK ... wait a minute while I clear my head. I really do love AI, but is it my favorite show?

Yeah, ya know, I think it probably is. But this list is about which shows we watch, not which show is our favorite, so here goes a weekly list:


We watch Cold Case -- that's my favorite scripted show, better than the other crime shows, I think, followed by Law and Order: Criminal Intent. We check out Extreme Makeover: Home Edition during commercials for Cold Case, and during rerun season.


No regular viewing. I usually watch part of the first half of each Monday Night Football game. We used to like Seventh Heaven, but oy, that baby jumped the shark, circled back around for another jump, then sank like a stone. We haven't missed watching it the last couple of years.


American Idol, when it's on. Used to follow that with The Guardian, which I miss. The Amazing Race was our top show during the summer and probably will be once it returns. Rumor has it it'll be on Tuesday nights once again.


I used to enjoy even the lesser episodes of The Bernie Mac Show on this night, but Fox has moved the show so many times I no longer know when it airs. What else is on? Another "study night" for me.


Survivor. Always. Even when it's dull, as it is so far this season. Then CSI, even though I continue to fall asleep in the middle of it. But that cat-nap refreshes me for Without a Trace, which, along with Cold Case, are my two favorite dramas.


Recently declared "games night" in the Hamaker household. We played Yahtzee last Friday, cribbage the Friday before. Sometimes we'll watch a movie. No TV, except late nights, if I'm not tired. Last Friday I turned on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and saw a bit called "Unnecessarily Censored News of the Week" that was the funniest thing I've seen since the Pinbot bit on Conan O'Brien's Fifth Anniversary Show. Seriously, I haven't laughed so hard in six years. Kimmel also showed some hysterical clips from ABC's Wife Swap, in which an animal-friendly woman had a complete meltdown when she saw a mounted deer head, and when she was told that her indoor cats had been let out of the house during her stay away from home. It was unbelievable.


Usually movie night, but it's also become a network rerun night, giving us the chance to watch The Apprentice or Desperate Housewives. We haven't done so, but we might as the season goes on. Oh, and I always find time to watch Inside Washington at 7 p.m. -- a political roundtable show for news junkies who don't have cable. That's me.

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I don't watch much TV. When I do, I think they're all guilty pleasures.

Wait, no, a couple aren't.

CSI, any one of them. I like LV the best. I'd like NY better if they'd STOP with the heavy grey filters on the lens. Miami is third; I watch it solely to make my wife laugh by perfecting my David Caruso imitation.

Law and Order, any one of 'em.

Lost. Cool show.

Trigger Happy TV. A kinder, gentler Jackass.

Now for the guilty's:

Fear Factor. Yeah, I think it's less about the stunts now than Rogan's repartee and reactions to the contestants.

Cops. Every time I stumble across it, it stays on.

Viva la Bam/Jackass. Juvenile. Crass. Hysterical. I laugh really, really hard at these shows. I know, I'm a bad person.

Hmm...ok, I guess that's it. Like I said, I don't watch much TV...

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Lost and Jack & Bobby are about the only appointment shows in our house these days, post-Buffy, Angel and X-Files. (I fear for J&B now that Desperate Housewives has become a monster hit in the same time slot.) Joan of Arcadia is a good one, too.

Amazing Race and 24 will be my top choices once they return. (And boy, let me tell you, am I having some serious Tuesday night withdrawals now that my two favorite shows are on hiatus ... it used to be heavenly to wind down after Tae Kwon Do class with a pizza in front of the TV, screaming for Kim & Chip to beat Colin & Christie, or for Jack Bauer to avoid releasing a deadly virus and wiping out the entire West Coast. Any other Race fanatics here finding Tuesday nights awfully sad these days?)

MSNBC's Scarborough Country and Hardball are pretty regular viewing when I can stay up late enough to watch.

Guilty pleasures: I loved Spike TV's reality show spoof "Joe Schmo" until our cable system spiked Spike. And, God help me, I sometimes stumble upon MTV's Wild Boys and can't bring myself to change the channel.

There, I said it. Hmmm, maybe Jason and I ought to start a support group for guys who are strangely transfixed by the juvenile crap on MTV. (The rest of you out there know who you are wink.gif )

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Between movies and yoga and editing work that somehow always seems to follow me home, I don't have too many must-see shows. However, I am a reality-TV fanatic, and those are the shows I try never to miss. Here's my list:

The Amazing Race - My #1 show. It just doesn't get any better. (Yes, Mark, I'm seriously sad these days. Tuesday nights are so empty.)

Survivor - What Christian said. Even though it's boring this season, I'm still watching.

The Apprentice - CSI burnout made me tune in this year. I'm such a fan that I even watch the extended boardroom show on Saturday nights.

American Idol - It's grade-A cheese sometimes, but I still watch.

Lost - I'm watching for now. We'll see if it can hold my interest.

King of Queens - My favorite comedy. Kevin James rules.

Oh yeah, a local channel here is big on Seinfeld reruns, and I'm big on watching Seinfeld reruns...even though I've seen them so many times.

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I don't really watch TV very much. In fact, I really, really, really, really, really hate reality TV (confession I did see some of The Joe Schmoe Show on Spike and thought it was funny in a degrading kind of way) and pretty much the entire direction that TV is going.

I like Simpsons and Futurama. I watch Seinfeld reruns. And I occasionally watch Conan O'Brian and Jon Stewart.

Other than sports, news and music videos I'm not really into TV.

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I keep forgetting shows. Whose Line is it Anyway is one I watch regularly, even though I've seen all of them fifty times now. It's a good way to wind down after the type of days I've been having lately.

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Desperately trying to cut down.

1. Scrubs. By way far. Last nights dealt with death and growing old or infirm and dedicated to John Ritter. Priceless.

2. Two and a half Men.

3. NYPD Blue.

4. Law & Order

5. Joan of Arcadia

6. Desperate Wives

7. Special Report with Brit Hume

8. ER

9. Six Feet Under


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No one has mentioned either of the two best shows on television. That is very sad.

Every day:

"Late Show With David Letterman" until the first guest comes on

Every week:

"Gilmore Girls"

"Arrested Development"

"King of the Hill"

"The Amazing Race"

"The Simpsons" (note: status may change if it starts sucking again like four seasons ago)


"That '70s Show" (only for Topher and Danny)

"Scrubs" (too diadactic to watch regularly)

"Cops" (better than 90 percent of reality television)

whatever that game-show clip-show is that's on NBC occasionally

"Family Guy" (which, while we're on the percentage kick, is 30 percent the greatest television show ever, 40 percent ho-hum, and 30 percent vomit)


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One I've not seen here is the one on top of my wife's list American Dreams. I see her point, but it's just something that has never clicked with me. Anybody who wants to defend it?

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Every day:

"Late Show With David Letterman" until the first guest comes on

I'd agree, but I can't stay up that late any more and still attempt Morning Prayers b4 work (sanctimony unintended), so how can it be my favorite?

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Regarding Letterman: I'd stay up to watch the opening bit, too, if I didn't have to get up early. I miss it: The "Will It Float?" game. Dave's assistant, Stephanie (or Monty or whatever he's calling her nowadays). Dropping large tubs of chocolate pudding off the top of a building. That's quality TV, folks.

And if I wanted to stay up really late, I'd catch Conan's opening bit, too.

Regarding American Dreams: I was a big fan of the first season. I started a thread about it long ago, but I don't think there were ever any responses (sniff). Then, inexplicably, I quit watching. Hmm. Guess I really wasn't as caught up in it as I thought.

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Maybe the truest sign that my wife and I are becoming old farts:

1. Survivor

2. Apprentice

3. America's Next Top Model

4. Last Comic Standing

5. The Surreal Life

6. Bands Reunited

7. Austin City Limits

8. Pokemon w00t.gif

9. Medical Mysteries

10. Any of the Discovery Health specials that cover the shocking and bizarre. (The Face Eating Tumor, Men With Breasts, Flesh Eating Bacteria, Face Transplant Surgery, Impact Stories of Survival, etc...) I realize this can become nothing more than a 21st century twist on the traditional carnival freak show, but I find many of these shows informative, educational, uplifting and--yes-- grosser than hell.

11. Bishop Fulton Sheen-- One of our cable channels down here replays his old shows. His sanctified theatrics are always a joy to watch.

12. Hannity and Combes

13. Reno 911


Viva la Bam/Jackass. Juvenile. Crass. Hysterical.
Amen, brother. Long live the original Jackass!

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Monday: Monday Night Football, sometimes CSI: Miami

Tuesday: avoiding TV unless Amazing Race comes back on this night.

Wednesday: Lost

Thursday: The original CSI, then ER

Friday: eh.

Saturday: yawn.


Blockbuster online rentals fill in the holes and pack out the weekend. And then there are shows, like Survivor, that my wife watches but I avoid.

I also catch Wheel of Fortune when I can (Jeopardy comes on when I'm at work).

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Hi all:

New here, this place looks great!

TV viewing by primetime night (CAPS are my FAVs):

Sun: ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, The Simpsons, Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye

Mon: open (usually SG-1 reruns)


Wed: LOST, where's Bernie Mac, if I can find it, I watch it

Thurs: open


Sat: open

Any night: Red Sox baseball. Believe!

I'm interested in TV writing and have written specs for SG-1 and Joan. I'm doing a Gilmore Girls next.

If I could write a script for the Red Sox, ya' know what I'd write! Believe! smile.gif


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If I could write a script for the Red Sox, ya' know what I'd write! Believe! smile.gif

I'd title the show "Cursed"

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13. Reno 911

Oh, yes. I forgot that one!

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I guess this is cheating, but oh well. Our TV reception in Eastern Tennessee positively stinks, so we don't watch any network TV. So here are the shows I'll gladly watch on DVD:

1) Homicide: Life on the Street -- the first 3-4 seasons are simply dynamite - great gritty characters, dark humor, terrific storylines - best drama ever!

2) The Simpsons - best comedy ever! (before it started sucking in recent years, anyway)

3) Malcolm in the Middle - less consistent over the past season or so, but when it's on, it's hysterical

4) Freaks and Geeks - it's was a joy to watch its one and only season recently on DVD - great characters, frequently laugh-out-loud funny

5) The Office - per our recent thread; this will be going on my Christmas list

We just borrowed 'The Wire, Season 1' from Netflix - I'll soon see if it's worthy of addition to my exclusive list.

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