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embryonic stem cell death

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In another forum, someone writes, apropos Bush 43's eSCR compromise:

2006 stem cell expansion veto

lie #1— aSCs are equivalent—even superior to eSCs.

lie #2— we are doing eSCR on the approved lines.

Two lies.

No one did HUMAN stem cell research of any sort until 2005 when Johns Hopkins solved the mouse feeder-cell contamination problem. When the “blessed” eSC lines were regrown, they were devolved and useless.

aSCR and eSCR are complimentary, not competitive. aSCs are useless for disease modelling and have insufficient telomere length to be useful for anti-senescense research.

Anyone more knowledgeable than I able to comment?

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More real results of tangible benefits from adult stem cells:

Four years ago, the score was Adult Stem Cells 72, Embryonic Stem Cells 0. Successful therapeutic applications from embryonic cells are still at 0.

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