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The Top100 Featured at FILMSITE

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I can see a vaguely humourous situation arise here where we now all sit down and discuss what we think about their list.

"Yeah there were some surprising choices , I mean the IMDB list is clearly far superior to the blockbuster list with its token number of foreign films welded on to try to pull the wool over less discerning eyes so they don't notice that its essentially a Hollywood list".

followed by

"The IMDB list????? Are you joking? That list just goes to show how little the general public know about filmmaking, the blockbuster list is far superior in every way"



OK maybe its just in my imagination that's funny

(but at least I got to use the new tumble weed smiley)


PS - Again - great work to you guys who have gone about promoting this list to get on something like this just goes to show what a good job you guys have done.

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