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A database of scripts / scriptwriters

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Art Within is the organization of which Ron Reed is a part and they do outstanding work in fostering the develpment of writers who happen to be Christians.


I've put a profile on there, as they are currently evaluating my script, and a profile of the script itself. I'm very excited. It's the first step toward getting it produced by a regional theatre somewhere.

And here's me.

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To be a bit more specific, Art Within is a theatre company in Atlanta which does a lot of new play development and a little producing. I'm not part of the company, but I do take part in their annual showcase and symposium, which happens in October.

This script database thing is a very exciting development, potentially a huge boon to Christians who create theatre. A culmination of stuff Bryan Coley (their Artistic Director) and I talked about when we first met, years ago. At that time I had built a database (called ScriptSearch) of over 1000 plays "of particular interest to Christians," and the two of us schemed about how to get that on the web. Now that Bryan has managed to get up a database for new plays and living writers, we're hoping we can incorporate my database into that.

I've posted a couple hundred of my Soul Food Movies write-ups at letterboxd

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