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How copyright could be killing culture

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Copyright doesn't exist in Cuba. Cinemas regularly hold screenings of pirated American films, at a costly price (at least when I was there in 98) of 1peso - about $0.05 at the 98 exchange rate.

In the case of documentaries - I'd be interested to know where the money goes for things such as news footage, etc. The original company responsible for filming the footage or to the appropriate archive? I'm pretty sure that for places like the Imperial War Museum - besides the BFI's, the largest archive in the UK - it covers preservation & transfering costs. Shall ask my friend who worked there.

Becomes a bit of a philosophical problem, doesn't it?

"There is, it would seem, in the dimensional scale of the world a kind of delicate meeting place between imagination and knowledge, a point, arrived at by diminishing large things and enlarging small ones, that is intrinsically artistic" - Vladimir Nabokov

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Project seeking to 'rescue' orphaned, copyrighted works

Another article/webpage that arguments for the signifcance of more obscure works rather than the big copyright holders.

In 'another', he is conceivably arguing for the same obscenely long period of copyright protection, but just not necessarily for the original copyright owner or descendants. Why is there fairly little appreciation of great art? A) museums and classrooms might be figurative wastelands, preferring the 'ugly art' of the anti-artist. But B) copyright for masterpieces apparently resides, by international agreement, with whatever gallery happens to house the work. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if Gallery A in Oviedo, just to pick one, has an old Goya, then any effort to reproduce it must be approved by that gallery.

Microsoft has threatened much the same. In attempting to scan a host of books for an online archive, do they then assert an exclusive right to display such work online, even if otherwise long out of copyright? It's essentially a new internet display copyright, which would make it impossible for the Gutenberg project, and so many others. Perhaps certain universities might be exempted, or buy their way clear. But maybe some of the best online copies of the most useful works, are private or vanity ventures, refused by universities only for ideological reasons and self-censorship? And so on.

Copyright law, as I understand it, was designed to protect the interest and income of the author of a work. It became, I think, fairly quickly a right to be sold in the marketplace. As such it loses all cultural value. And the owner holds little sense of public duty to somehow publish. It will end badly, I think. Not to keep mentioning the Terri Shiavo case, but it was a living nightmare, and not just for Terri, day after day. The worst possible thing was done, hour by hour by hour. Murphy was working his law to death. If it could be done, if it could go bad - it did. And I think the same could happen with an abuse of copyright. If such abuse is possible, if it's made possible, at some point, it will be acted upon. I think, as with the Schiavo case, we are all powerless to act. I think we should appreciate what little remains of great culture of the past. Because . . just because.

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A bit of a tangent that made me think of this thread, Dutch fans watch the world cup in their underwear.

Maybe this actually deserves a thread of its own? I've become really irked lately at how sponsors are treated like such royalty. I know why, and I can understand why a sponsor would appreciate this. But I'm in marketing, advertising. And it still bugs the heck out of me.

And what really pushed me over the edge was "Extreme Makeover, Home Edition." This was the first show I remember who recently started blurring out everything that wasn't related to their sponsors

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