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Big Big Graphic Novel Sale (today and tomorrow)

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I know a lot of people here really like Blankets, so here's a heads up that their publisher, Top Shelf, one of of the biggest names in small-press comics, is having a big sale of their older stuff. Big as in, $25.00 books for $3.00!

I haven't actually read many of the titles for sale, but The Comics Reporter has, and this guy's got pretty good taste in my experience.

There's a minimum $30.00 purchase-level, but if you just take T.C.R.'s recommendations and then throw in some random stuff that looks interesting to you, you'll get a pretty good shipment of graphic novels.

Here's my order:

(1) Van Helsing\'s Night Off @ $9.95--> $9.95

(1) The Masterplan @ $24.95--> $3.00

(1) Trenches @ $14.95--> $3.00

(1) Top Shelf #9: Asks the Big Questions @ $24.95--> $3.00

(1) Speechless @ $19.95--> $3.00

(1) The Soap Lady @ $19.95--> $3.00

(1) Banks/Eubanks @ $9.95--> $3.00

(1) Abe: Wrong for the Right Reasons @ $14.95--> $3.00

$139.60 worth of graphic novel goodness for 36 bucks w00t.gif

Scott -- 2nd Story -- Twitter

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