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Ann D.

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I finished the book on Wednesday and have been turning it over since then. Here are my thoughts.

I will say this for now, though, that what felt like the drudgery (and yet melodrama) of some passages was a wonderful lead up to (and recreation of conditions, I think) an exalting (though very quiet) ending.
I had the exact same impression. It took me a while to read this book, simply because of its slow movement, repetition, and simple language, but when you hit the climax where Rodrigues trampels the fumie at the end of chapter 8 it's like a thunderclap. It's been a long time since I've been moved by a piece of literature like that scene moved me. Amazing craftsmanship.

Most of what I've read about this book focuses on the discussion of whether or not Christianity is appropriate to Japan, but I found this to be a distant secondary concern to Rodrigues' own struggles with his faith and his dilemma of how to respond to the challenge of whether or not to apostatize. There's really no compelling evidence in the book the Ferrera is right in claiming that Japanese Christianity is somehow "perverted" and the evidence of the martyrs' faith is overwhelming in their suffering.

Scott -- 2nd Story -- Twitter

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