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New REM album cover

Josh Hurst

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Guest Russell Lucas

Hey, I already have "Eponymous." Yeah, that only covers through "Document," but still, this is partially already-plowed ground. Is this a one-disc or two-disc set?

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Not a bad track listing:

01 Man on the Moon

02 The Great Beyond [from Man on the Moon soundtrack]

03 Bad Day [previously unreleased]

04 What's The Frequency, Kenneth?

05 All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star)

06 Losing My Religion

07 E-Bow The Letter

08 Orange Crush

09 Imitation of Life

10 Daysleeper

11 Animal [previously unreleased]

12 The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite

13 Stand

14 Electrolite

15 All The Right Friends [from Vanilla Sky soundtrack]

16 Everybody Hurts

17 At My Most Beautiful

18 Nightswimming

I'm not sure why "Sidewinder" and "All the Right Friends" made the cut, but, all in all, this looks like a decent collection.

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I won't be buying it. They left off most of my favorites from this period.

"World Leader Pretend"

"Turn You Inside Out"

"Country Feedback"

"Half a World Away"


"New Test Leper"

"Let Me In"



"Saturn Return"... to name a few....



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Sure, most of those are personal favorites of mine, as well. And, if I were to make my own homemade collection, I can't imagine leaving off "The Lifting," "I'll Take the Rain," or "Walk Unafraid."

But these projects never make anyone totally happy, and I think that this set is a solid representation of the band's work. Sure, I'd make some changes, but there aren't any blunders here as big as the glaring omissions on last year's U2 project. And, thankfully, the band didn't feel the need to remix half the songs...

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