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We've got a full house (eight members), a process, and some guidelines!

We're closed to new members until mid-August. But here's the way it works for those interested in possibly joining for the next go-round.

How It Works


To develop and encourage fellow writers in their craft through constructive feedback.


Anyone who writes. There is currently a nice blend of professional, semi-professional, and amateur writers and they add a nice variety of comments.


1. At the beginning of each session will choose a 10-day time slot in which their piece will be in "The Hot Seat". Once we've got everybody in a slot, we'll get starterd with the first contributor. "Hot Seat Author" should treat the the beginning of their time slot as a "publish deadline." You post it on that day in it's own thread. With the title of the piece as the name of the thread, and a description of the media as your subtitle. Example:

The Life and Times of D.W. Murnau

A puppet drama in three acts

2. Then, in the post itself, explain what kind of feedback you're hoping for, or any questions you have. You may want to label some questions with the spoilers1.gif tag if they are the sort of questions you want to bring to our minds AFTER we've read your piece. (or just save these questions for the end of your hot seat session.)

3. Unless your piece is very short (like a poem or short short story), it is recommended that you attach the file to your initial post. Preferably, as a PDF file, for your protection. If you can't make PDF files, Alan Thomas can help you.

4. Then, it is recommended, but not required, that you treat the discussion that ensues as your chance to be a fly on the wall of your audience. In other words, don't react. Let discussion flow about your piece. Then, toward the end of your time slot, speak up. Ask for clarificiation. Explain what you were TRYING to do, whatever you want.


1. We're used to being painfully blunt around here, but let's remember, these works are the personal babies of their authors and it can be downright painful to hear even the most delicately stated criticisms. It's one thing to say someone's an idiot for liking a particular film or book, but quite a different thing to say someone is an idiot for writing that film or book.

2. Big picture observations with details for examples tend to be the most helpful criticisms. Vague observations like "the story just didn't work for me" are virtually useless, but nobody wants nit-picky things like, "I think he'd say 'Hey ya!' not 'Hi ya!'"

3. Go nuts with praise, when possible.

4. Read the author's initial post to see what kind of feedback they're looking for.


Users must respect the intellectual property (copyright) of those posting their work. Any one found violating the property rights of another user may be permanently banned from this website.


Users (in their works) may use vulgarity or profanity in keeping with artistic license. Readers who would be offended by the creative use of vulgarity or obscenity are advised to avoid this forum.

If your piece has material that is sensitve in nature (harsh profanity, sexual content, or graphic violence) it is recommended that you put a small warning in your initial posting of the piece. Therefore, people who wish to abstain from reading and discussing such things may do so.

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