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Hasn't their manager ever heard of "per diems"?

I assume there's some sort of philosophical or polemical reason for the band being "freecyclers" or "freegans" or "gleaners" or whatever you want to call it. Maybe they're trying to make a point about wasteful consumer culture.

Or maybe the money in CCM is even worse than Coltrane says it is.

Let's Carl the whole thing Orff!

Do you know the deep dark secret of the avatars?

It's big. It's fat. It's Greek.

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I'm sure it has to do with making a point about wasteful consumer culture (even at a major venue like Cornerstone). Truth be told, to see this in person, confronted me in an "in your face" sort of way about some things I take for granted, i.e. waste, consuming, the need for nice packaging and think'n I have the REAL DEAL because of it, etc. Kinda sorta the difference between hearing the truth and HEARING the truth. We need to see examples in action i.e. the Mother Tereasas of the world. One way in which God speaks to us. Using and calling characters like this to this sort of lifestyle to shake us from our apathy.


"God is so great and merciful that he does not require that we name him precisely. God is even willing to be anonymous for a time. Remember how God led the Three Wise Men from the East to Christ? The Wise Men did not know the God of Israel or Jesus. They worshipped the stars. So God used a star to lure them."--The Twelve Steps for Christians


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Dumpstering isn't uncommon in underground/DIY punk circles. Most people I know who practice it aren't trying to "make a point", but view it as a genuine way to keep from wasting resources it--they would do it regardless of whether anyone else saw them or knew about it.

It is rather uncommon to see a major label band dumpster, though. Tooth and Nail IS notorious for having terrible contracts!

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