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Teeth brushing habits

Darrel Manson

When do you wet your toothbrush when you brush?  

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haha! I used to be somewhat addicted to brushing my teeth. Used to brush them anytime I ate anything, or if I hadn't brushed them for a few hours which would total on average 5-7 times a day. I also used to eat toothpaste which is surprisingly addictive, although the thought of all that flouride in my tummy eventually made me stop (it's a carcinogenic and is linked to a variety of other ailments).

That's something not very many people know about me so consider yourself priviliged.

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Unless you count contact with my saliva, then I don't "wet" my brush until after I've brushed. I'd heard that was the best way, but the absence of that option on the poll is making me wonder whether that can, in any way, be true now!


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I'm with Matt on this one. There is nothing for me to vote for here. Must be a Commonwealth thing.

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Like the other Matt, I'm not sure if I can, in good conscience, participate in this scientific study since my option isn't listed -- viz., whenever I think of it, but since I'm usually absent-minded and instead mentally composing my next scintillating post to A&F, I may not even get around to brushing my teeth and instead just put my toothbrush back with toothpaste still on it, assuming, of course, that I got as far as putting toothpaste on it.

I do feel discriminated against.




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I've gotta abstain as well. Anything other than plain toothpaste on the brush dilutes the paste. I often rinse with mouthwash before brushing to aid the cleaning, if that's any help.

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I find that wetting the toothpaste is kind of like wetting soap: it aids in lather. When you are in the shower, your body can be all watered and wet, but the lather and washing is helped if you wet the soap as well. So it is with toothpaste: it foams, swishes, and fills the mouth better (its effecitvenes is whetted) when it is wetted.

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