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Alias Season 1 DVD


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Just picked up the set today. Havent had a chance to check out the extras. I did just rewatch the pilot. Wow. After 2 years of some awesome episodes, this one is still my favorite.

Everything about this episode is awesome. It's the epitome of this show. If someone here hasn't seen this show, this is the episode to watch. A little obvious cause its the first one but if you're not hooked after this one then forget about it.

O my gosh. My dog just beefed. Nasty.


"I am quietly judging you" - Magnolia

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Rented Volume one of this Season last night, and it is absolutely outstanding. Is there really only one writer JJ Abrams? He is a genius! I love everything (except for the off dialogue line here and there). I'm especially enamored with the holistic feel of the series, its as though they knew what would happen for seasons to come in the first episode. Outstanding foresight!

Everyone needs to see these first episodes again!

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I haven't watched the commentaries, and the only bonus I found (on my Blockbuster rental) was a DVD-rom ScriptScanner (whatever that is).

I'm not a big commentary fan. There's something sacred about a film or show I love, and its only on certain ocassions that I am willing to completely pull back the curtain.

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