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The Fiery Furnaces are at it again!

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I wonder if they're leaning more towards Blueberry Boat or EP.

I don't have the interview they did with Magnet in front of me, but if my memory serves me correctly, one LP will lean towards a sound more akin to Blueberry Boat while the other one will be more like the EP. I guess all fans win that way.

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Is there an official Bitter Tea thread? This is my first experience with The Fiery Furnaces and I am really moved. I love the quick transactions, the non-noticeable movement from song to song, the female voice, the ability to be both junk-alternative and emo and heavy synth-rock at the same time, and the very cool lyrics, which I will have to look up more in depth at a later date. (My lyric site, Song Meanings is currently down. )

I love the throwback bass-heavy synth-stuff. I love the changing tempos and surprising mood. I'm not used to it yet, but I really feel that this is IT.

Any other thread on "Bitter Tea?"

I disagree with the thus far "kitchen sink" reviews for the band's approach. Then again, I haven't heard their older stuff. This particular recording is well though out, and brought on with both emotional quality and precision. (Two things that are hard to pull off together.)

And FWIW, I love the backwards stuff. Don't know what it's saying yet but I LOVE IT. Actually reminds me of very old Daniel Amos, but done to a better standard. Perhaps I have yet to change my mind on the backwards stuff when I find out what they're saying. However, in the digital age, you can't turn a tape around to find out. How frustrating.


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I don't know what I think about "Bitter tea." I do have to admit, all the backwards talking does get old and annoying pretty fast. And over all, it is my least favorite of their stuff thus far.

Then again, I've LOVED "Rehearsing my choir," "EP," and "Blueberry boat," so they've had some mighty big shoes to fill IMO.

I am impressed with their level of experimentation.

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