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Strolling, in odd available moments, from glade to glade, picking up impressions.... Well, it sounds a lot better than admitting to 'lurking'. Then I thought, why not ask for guidance, why just wander about?

There are many posts here with which I could happily engage, and will, given time. I have even found people with similar favourites, I mean, Paul Kiler even likes Rautavaara! Wow!

But what I want to know is to what extent we are ready to engage with, for example, a theology for the arts, the arts as 'kingdom', the arts as transformational, as prophetic and so on.

Just to let you know, this is not a criticism, just trying to guage the pulse.

A bit of background... I've been working in the creative industries for nearly forty years, I trained as a writer and designer. I've led the design functions of a couple of big organisations and am now engaged, quite deeply, in arts development and the deployment of the arts into society. Sounds portentous! Isn't!!

For example, four of us are working this year using the arts and 'creativity-release' to help marginalised people address issues of social exclusion. We're working with about fourteen groups across England and Scotland, about four hundred people in all.

I'm involved in several theological 'think-tanks' and am trying to hold in creative tension the way my thinking is going with the daily engagement with the Holy Spirit and prayer.

One of the things I and my close partners are exploring is the sense that God is speaking about a new role for the arts and artists. I have a sneaky sense that if we can lift our eyes from the congregation as the centre of church, embrace a more (for some) expansive vision of creation and its restoration, then something rather remarkable begins to emerge. Almost a new movement of the arts.

Often, of course, in individual conversations, this has to begin with people's experiences of being an artist, either within local church, or within society. This seems to be where the majority of conversations on this site seem to be situated.

Does this resonate with anyone? Have there been conversations along these lines that I have missed (a bit old to be a newby, but that's the fact of it). Would anyone like to explore?

Love to all,

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