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Disaster coverage

Darrel Manson

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Woke up this morning to live reports from New Orleans and Biloxi with men and women standing out in the hurricane winds. Why do we need to subject people to such risk to satisfy our bloodlust? (I'm sure there's a more accurate word.) Do they really give us more information by putting themselves and camerapeople at risk? Is it a good example to people who should be sheltered somewhere? Is it ethical?

A foreign movie can't be stupid.

-from the film

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I think that it is a TV news gimmick that has run its course, prompted more by the news execs' ideas of what would grab ratings rather than the viewers calling out for it.

Viewers agreement with this ploy really can't be measured here. I mean, if I'm interested in the coverage I'll deal with the stupid reporter to get the update or watch the scroll.

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