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25 grant award winners in various fields. Here are the ones that have to do with the arts. (The award is $500K, no strings attached.)

Marin Alsop, Poole, England: a conductor of the Bournemouth Symphony using unique approaches to interpret classical music.

Edet Belzberg, New york City: a documentary filmmaker whose works depict the lives and realities of children in underexplored conditions.

Joseph Curtin, Ann Arbor, MI: violin maker using new materials and techniques to produce world-class instruments.

Teresita Fernandez, New York City: a sculptor intergrating archetecture and optical effects of collor and light into contemplative space.

Jonathan Lethem, Brooklyn, NY: a novelist who mixes different genres to explore the connections between high art and popular culture.

Julie Mehretu, NYC: a painter who transforms "canvases into visually compelling excavations of multiple epochs and locales."

Fazal Sheikh, Zurich, CH: a photographer using images "to bring the faces of the world's displaced people into focus."

They missed me again this year.

Edited by Darrel Manson
A foreign movie can't be stupid.

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