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Jason Harrod in Seattle

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Hi gang --

I'm bringing Jason Harrod to Seattle Oct. 20-23. I have him booked for a concert

on Friday, Oct. 21, but am trying to find him some more gigs while he's here.

Anyone in the PacNW interested in sponsoring a house, church or coffeehouse gig

with Jason on short notice? If so, contact me at 425 673 0263 or martin@stillion.com.

Check out http://jasonharrod.com/ if you need information. Please forward this to

anyone who might be interested.

I've got Jason's lodging, meals and transportation covered. We're just looking for

places to play, sell CDs and make a few bucks.

FYI, Jason is a former member of Harrod and Funck, the acoustic duo who did three

highly acclaimed albums in the '90s (the first of which was produced by Mark Heard).

He also has two fantastic solo CDs under his belt. He won the Bluegrass songwriting

competition at Merlefest in 2000.

The concert I'm doing with Jason is a benefit for Katrina victims. My bluegrass

band and several other groups are also playing. More info here:




Let's Carl the whole thing Orff!

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