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"Birdie" Cultural Trivia Quiz

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Just got done doing sound for a production of "Bye Bye Birdie". I always hear criticism of the show because of all the cultural references that are obscure to us now. I decided to turn that on its ear. So - here is the "Birdie Cultural Trivia Quiz" I am going to present to the cast at the cast party. (The winner gets a jar of "Postum"). Thought the visitors here might enjoy it as well. No cheating (like I had to) by googling the answers (boy is that a current cultural reference). Answers are on the attached document. If you have anything to add, I would love to hear it.

[NOTE - this of course refers to the stage version, not the 1963 movie]

The Birdie Cultural Trivia Quiz

Read the line from the show and answer the related question(s)

1. Mae -


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The quiz was a big hit at the party but only for laughs. Most of the cast was under 40 and had no clue on 75% of it (They couldn't even get the Doris Day question - sheezz)

The director was the winner - I presume because he actually researched some of this stuff before hand. His prize was a jar of Postum dry.gif

Hope this was a nice distraction

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