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So, I'm listening to Maria McKee, and...

Josh Hurst

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So I picked up Maria McKee's Life is Sweet record a couple of months ago. And I've been meaning to post some thoughts about it.

There's a lot to love about this record. Maria is a genuinely passionate singer and a fiery guitarist, and most of these songs are smart, intimate, and intense.

MOST of them.

But there are a couple of songs that come close to ruining the album for me. The title cut is, regretfully, one of them. Maria addresses some people going through trying times, but she offers them no real hope; she just informs them that "life is sweet." And that's it. The best she can come up with. Geez, even Peter Gabriel's "Don't Give Up" did a LITTLE better than that.

"Everyone's Sombody" is another one that's a little weak in the lyrics department (I THINK that's the title...), and it's a little shoddy musically, as well; it's just too poppy and bland to really stand apart from the rest of these sharp songs.

I really hate it when a bad song ro two ruin an otherwise masterful album, but I just can't bring myself to give Life is Sweet more than a B.

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Life is Sweet is my least favorite song on that album as well. Unfortunately, it's Maria's favorite. In fact she does it AGAIN on the new album.

But I still give Life is Sweet an A as an album. It a bold, cohesive, poetic rock record, and Maria plays all of the guitars herself. Who ever knew she could play guitars like that in the Lone Justice days?



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