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Church Newsletter Article Suggestions

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I'm starting a series of articles for my church's newsletter in which I'll be writing about artists that may or may not be "Christian", but who Christians may still find interesting, worthwhile, rewarding, etc. I'd like to avoid artists that most people have heard of (i.e. U2), and focus on artists that, while not completely obscure and impossible to find, still fly under most people's radar. My first article was on (perhaps somewhat predictably) Sufjan Stevens, and I'm planning to write my second article on David Eugene Edwards (Sixteen Horsepower/Woven Hand).

A few others I've thought about include: Nick Cave, Arvo Part, Danielson, Gift Of Gab, Ronnie Martin, Gavin Bryars, Henryk Gorecki, Ester Drang, The Innocence Mission, Denison Witmer, and Damien Jurado. And I'd like to move beyond musicians, and look at filmmakers (I'd love to write an article on Tarkovsky or Bresson, though I need to get much more familiar with their films).

Has anyone done something similar to this? Any other ideas, suggestions, etc? The goal would be to eventually tie the column in with the film group that my wife and I will be starting later this month, as well as the visual arts group that is just now starting in the church.

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Sounds like a pretty good list to start with Opus. That shoud give you a good couple years worth of material.

We're sort of going through the same thing at our church. After 50-100 years of the same old thing (announcements, pleas for volunteers) we're hoping to be a bit more reader friendly and hopefully the newsletter will be something you would want to read. We haven't moved into music yet, but we have been reviewing books and movies for the past year. The trend will hopefully continue.

Let me know how your project works out. I would love to try something like that here.

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