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Ok, I just watched the trailer for Soderbergh's new film, Bubble here at apple.com. I must say, it kinda weirded me out, but it also really intrigued me. Especially how it doesn't give any indication of what it's really about (of course, apple.com posts a brief summary of the film, but who knows how indicative that really is).

BUT, what's even more interesting is how this will be the first of the films that Soderbergh is now distributing in theatres, on DVD AND online all at the same time! January 27th we'll all be able to see this, hopefully; is this the beginning of the future of distribution?

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I still don't know what to make of Bubble; it's either a really badly scripted, self-consciously low budget film that recycles all the plot cliches of working class middle America (high school dropouts, unwed teen mothers, pot smoking parents, fast food diets...) or a parody of an indie film about dysfunctional working class like a Jon Jost film, but faster paced. I didn't completely hate it, but I didn't like much it either.

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My local paper ran an AP article about this recently. One of the "non-actors" is from a KFC not too far from here.

If Bubble is anything like Full Frontal, then it will be another one of Soderbergh's cool concepts poorly executed. Although, I suppose one could argue that Bubble is the exact opposite of Full Frontal, considering that Frontal was a flatulent piece about Hollywood actors, and Bubble is full of "regular" people.

I'm curious to read some reviews and see if it's worth watching.

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An interesting interview with Soderbergh can be found here at Film & Video. He talks extensively about the concepts behind Bubble and some older films that he's done. It's an informative article for those interested.

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Watched it tonight, liked it plenty. Knew nothing about it going in, and I think it's best that way. Really, I strongly encourage you not even to read the IMDb page or the cover of the DVD: just take it as it comes, and see what you make of it.

Think it's safe to say without spoiling anything that the process of script creation is fascinating, and yielded an intriguing result: the fundamental story line was set by the "writer," but the characters' backstories and details of story development were improvised by the actors (who don't bring any acting experience to their roles). The resulting performances were interestingly "underplayed" as a result, and had me thinking about Bresson's preference for untrained performers whose work was so understated. I think, too, that the nature of such performances, the flavour of such improvisation, spoke volumes about the texture of life in such a community. Hard to critique the story elements as being cliched, I would suggest, as they in fact grow out of the actors' own lives.

I really am fascinated by the screen presence of the actress playing Rose: not an actor, yet the camera really pulls something out of her. And I found Martha's character compelling, and her relationship to Kyle. Utterly human.

If anyone sees and likes the film, I'd love to know what you make of... [spoilers]the blue light in church and the jail cell; the bizarre doll's heads we see at the end of the film - was it one of the characters who'd done the bizarre things to the heads?


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