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How much do you watch the Winter Olympics?

Darrel Manson

How much are you watching Winter Olympics  

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Mommy says I may only watch handbells...

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There's no answer for "I'm at school/work all day and don't have cable, so I can ONLY watch prime time, but if I wasn't and did, I'd be all over the more obscure events..."

Anyway, that's my answer...

I am a sworn enemy of the saccharine and a believer in grace over karma. -Bono
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I actually much prefer the winter olympics to the summer ones. Not a sport fan at all but for some reason, people hurtling downhill at ridiculously high speeds on two upgraded planks grabs my attention. Perhaps it's the lycra outfits against the pristine white...

"There is, it would seem, in the dimensional scale of the world a kind of delicate meeting place between imagination and knowledge, a point, arrived at by diminishing large things and enlarging small ones, that is intrinsically artistic" - Vladimir Nabokov

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You know what I like about the Winter Olympics? The expectations of the Americans, only to see the American star trip while speed skating or trip in a downhill. This happens far more in the Winter than Summer Olymipcs. Carl Lewis wins, and he wins when he is expected to win. Because of the ice, snow, and terrain, the weather and environment plays far more of a factor in the competitions than the more sterile, exacting Summer Olympics.

In the Summer Olympics, I pull for Americans. God bless the USA. We'll show the whole world, because the whole world shows up. In the Winter Olympics, I don't root for the Americans as much. The whole world doesn't show up to the Winter Olympics, just a bunch of Northern Europeans, the US, and Japan. It's not like Ghana is competing for the Ice Hockey gold. The Winter Olympics are rather racist.

I think this is the reasoning for why Hitler invested so much emotion in the '36 Munich Olympiad. They're German, the Winter Olympics is for Aryans, but to be Jesse Owens in the Summer, that'd show 'em.

Now... I wait to be censored for this post... :D

"Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others." - Groucho Marx

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