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Great Britain

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Here is a great little site to give anyone who's interested a feel for our fine country. It's kind of a showcase for the grotty, mundane underside of everything. Well, of Norwich and Southsea, anyway.

Here is a sample:

IPB Image

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The thing is that I once bought / found an original, non-sarcastic similarly styled post card of our beloved Loughborough, which did feature a car park (as the market place was then), one of the uglier buildings at the Uni, a pub (the Boat), and I can't remember what the last one was. Part of me thinks it was the Carillon (war memorial) the other part thinks it was something far more grim. Might try and dig it out.


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Hey - no dissing of Na'ich allowed!


"There is, it would seem, in the dimensional scale of the world a kind of delicate meeting place between imagination and knowledge, a point, arrived at by diminishing large things and enlarging small ones, that is intrinsically artistic" - Vladimir Nabokov

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