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top 7 for january-march 2006

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I've posted a little chart of my recent favorites to my blog, including short write-ups of each record:


The top 7:

Half-handed Cloud: halos + lassos [asthmatic kitty]

david crowder*band: a collision (or 3+4=7)

john davis: john davis [rambler]

various tracks from the Thinner netlabel [http://www.thinnerism.com]

loscil: stases [one netlabel: free from http://one.dot9.ca/2/releases.php?id=027]

LABKLIK: Quilting with Dan and Tim [deepspace5 records; available for digital download via: http://www.forthelistener.com/store_downloads.php]

Miles Davis: Kind of Blue [sony]



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I just discovered that Loscil album last week, thanks to Disquiet. I haven't downloaded all of it, but what I heard, I liked. I really liked his first Kranky album, Submers (my review is here), but not so much his second one (the title escapes me at the moment). What I've heard from Stases makes me think it's more like Submers.

There's some other good stuff on that net-label as well. I downloaded the Bad Loop album, and as far as microhouse/minimal electronic stuff goes, it's pretty decent. Not mind-blowing, but it works well enough when I'm up to my neck in HTML and PHP code.

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I really like that David Crowder Band album - normally I give away review copies of albums I get, but this one can stay. it's easily among the best Christian records I've heard. Are their earlier albums worth getting?

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