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Today, I was looking for an A&F topic and once again the search engine proved sort of useless. I typed in "grizzly man", "werner herzog", "timothy treadwell", and even a few variations such as "grizzly herzog", but nothing worked. I still can't find the topic.

Why doesn't the search engine here work very well? Am I missing something? It seems to be inaccurate, and the placement of search results is nearly random. Part of the reason I've racked up so many "ahems" is because the search engine doesn't usually prove helpful in curing my ignorance as to what has already been discussed and what hasn't.

So yeah. Make what you will of my whining. :P

-"I... drink... your... milkshake! I drink it up!"

Daniel Plainview, There Will Be Blood

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I find the trick is choosing the right search. I only ever do one word searches here because I think the space messes things up.

I start with one word and specify searching in titles, showing as titles. If that doesn't bring the exact thread easily, I'll search posts showing, or even search posts showing posts. It all deoends really on what you find the most handleable number of posts to wade through. And not using spaces.

I've only recently used the google version cos I nearly always find it from the other searches. But it was useful to find something the other day which had two common words in the title.


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