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A Force More Powerful

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I'm seeing a lot of commentary on this game and it sounds ideologically commendable and fun. It's partly a tie-in to a book and documentary of the same name that aired on PBS narrated by Ben Kingsley (study guide here).

"This book is a nonviolence primer no household, church, or school should be without." --Sojourners magazine



"Game play is governed by detailed interactive models--of strategic and political factors, ethnicity, religion, literacy, material well-being, media and communications, resource availability, economic factors, the role of external assistance, and many other variables. Tactics include such basics as training, fund-raising and organizing, as well as leafletting, protests, strikes, mass action, civil disobedience and noncooperation. . . .

Groups are the game's basic political units, representing the interests and agendas common to every complex struggle. Recruiting characters and building alliances is a principal game activity, involving labor, business, government, agricultural, academic and professional, media, religious and military categories. . . .

Veterans of recent nonviolent campaigns assisted in the development of the game, including Ivan Marovic of Otpor, the Serbian resistance movement which played a critical role in ousting Slobodan Milosevic. Political scientists, sociologists, and economists also provided advice."

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