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Recommendations on "portable" laptop speakers

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Each building at my school has a portable cart with enough room to place a laptop and a projector comfortably on top. There is the same amount of room on a bottom shelf of the cart. So we want to outfit them with quality speakers for presentations and such. Some rooms in these buildings are about 20'X40' in size.

Alan, you seem to know a lot of brands that are not common, but are considered better quality than store bought. I don't know if that applies in this situation. Money is not necessarily a deciding factor.


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I just bought a new iMac and have been doing some research for some nice solid speakers. One model that I've seen pretty decent reviews for is the Creative I-Trigue i3350, which does include a subwoofer component.


I've got a Logitech X-220 system hooked up to my computer here at work, and it's pretty solid. We've used it whenever we watch movies at work, and it's worked just fine. And best of all, it was pretty cheap (around $40 IIRC).


My coworker has an Altec-Lansing set in his office, and they're very nice. We actually borrowed them for our wedding reception, just hooked them up to Renae's PowerBook, and they worked great. I don't know which model, exactly, he has, but they're similar to this one (I think)...


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