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Alcohol causes cancer

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On the opposite side of that we have a young teenager in our church with an inoperable brain tumor which is attempting to be treated with medicines that block VEGF. This is an article on it from Thomas Jefferson University

Jefferson Scientists Find Radiation And Blood Vessel Inhibitor More Effective Against Brain Tumors

Combining radiation with an agent that blocks VEGF, a protein that promotes the development of blood vessels and the growth of cancerous tumors -- a process known as angiogenesis -- may be more effective against brain tumors than either treatment alone, researchers at Jefferson Medical College have found.


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Whew, good thing I've got the gout and can't be drinking anyway! (although I'd rather be drinking ;) )

On a limb yet farther out, I read a book a few years back called World Without Cancer, written by an doctor in the field for 30+ years who claims cancer is mostly a deficiency disease, such as scurvey was years ago. Was really interesting, for the conspiracy theorist in all of us.

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