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This film would be a good fit for the A&F top 100 las it deals with a few "spiritual" themes in a much different context than other films on the list. Here is a spoiler filled review (and surprisingly superficial for Senses of Cinema). This review does have a caveat at the end that I tend to agree with, though I may nuance Roeg's motivation a bit differently as he may be trying to construct an "aboriginal" perspective of this white girl for us.

Much more could be said, but as that would involve many spoilers I am interested in how many others here have seen the film and considered it for the list in the past.

"...the vivid crossing of borders between film and theology may save the film from the banality of cinema and festival business, and it may also save the church from the deep sleep of the habitual and the always known."

(Hans Werner Dannowski)

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