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Pacific Palywrights Festival

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Every spring South Coast Rep puts on the Pacific Playwright Festival which has sevaral readings of plays in development. We made it to two of them, Empty Sky by Sarah Treem, which is based in the story of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac. Not bad, but I'm not sure I like the craziness of Abraham with God the figment of his imagination. The key question isn't how could a god ask a man to kill his son; rather what kind of man believes in a god who would ask a man to kill himself.

Today we asy System Wonderland by David Wiener. No idea of the meaning of the title. Is it me, or is writing a play about writing a bit lazy? Story of a screenwriter with a several year old case of writers block, his now aging acress wife and a young "assistant" sent to help the screenwriter get something written. While there is a lot of "seen this before" in the play, it had good wit going for it. I think it's closer to being a finished work than Empty Sky.

There are a couple other readings, a play being workshopped, and the two plays currently showing at SCR: The Studio which is a very nice piece including dance, and Blue Door which we go to next week.

I like going to SCR readings occasionally. They have others through the year that have discussion afterwards to give the playwright an idea of how it's coming across. At the PPF readings they include a sheet of questions that seek feedback.

A foreign movie can't be stupid.

-from the film

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