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Guest Russell Lucas

[Decalogue] Just...just...explain THIS

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Interesting. There was also a documentary series based on the Ten Commandments which I believe the producers said was partly inspired by Kieslowski too, though that could be just publicity fodder. I reviewed it for the Courier when it played the festival two years ago.

The Ten Commandments (Netherlands)

Screens in two sets at Tinseltown starting Sept. 27

Forget Charlton Heston. And for that matter, forget Krzysztof Kieslowski, too. One of the festival's special presentations is a series of short documentaries based on the Ten Commandments, and unlike past films, which have explored this material through the eyes of Protestant melodrama and Catholic mysticism, this series has a more skeptical, even secular, sensibility.

This may be most obvious in films like Sinned Again, which explores the reasons why gigolos and open marriages might not violate the principle underlying the commandment against adultery, and Priv

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Very curious about this Zanuck "Decalogue." Here are the scraps I've turned up, sleuthing about the internet.

"...in collaboration with HBO, the Zanucks are developing The Decalogue, consisting of ten one-hour films, each based on one of The Ten Commandments of the Bible, set in contemporary Los Angeles."


Robert O'Hara received his Directing MFA from Columbia University School of the Arts in 1996, where he wrote and directed Insurrection: Holding History as his Graduate Thesis and staged the play

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