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    I, Tonya - 6/13-98 dare on a video with Shawn. 1-20-xx video with Shawn (more than one time). Jan. 6 - verbal reference and a title card, Jan 7 - Title Card, Jan 8 Title card
  3. I don't know if it is because I had only an abbreviated stint at TIFF this year or if things are really wide open, but I feel very lost. I usually come home from TIFF with a pretty clear idea of frontrunners and favorites, but I got the A24 FYC package in the mail today and was looking at the titles and thinking, "Have I even heard of these movies?" Menashe, Good Time, It Comes at Night, The Lovers, The Ballad of Lefty Brown. I've got like 60 titles and very little indication of how to prioritize...so beyond nominations if anyone wants to put in an enthusiasm metric for stuff that has been nominated, I'm certainly willing to hear it.
  4. Rescind Nomination: 20th Century Women Nomination: Behemoth
  5. Many of the critics' groups got FYC screeners for 20th Century Women, so it's quite possible Peter did screen it in the mad rush before some other awards.
  6. I found this purely dazzling, as a one-of-a- kind visual experience that took 7 years, with 125 artists painting over 62,450 frames in Van Gogh’s style. (Seven years- ! like the devotion/obsession of the artist himself). I especially enjoyed seeing /hearing Saoirse Ronan animated as Marguerite Gachet. And the score by Clint Mansell is moving. The weak part is the story itself, investigating Van Gogh’s supposed suicide, which lacks dramatic energy-- though the film did change my mind about the circumstances of his death.
  7. Rian Johnson's Star Wars Trilogy

    Anodos wrote: : Yes, and Sauron is hardly the protagonist of Lord of the Rings. True, but he *is* the *antagonist*, and none of the other stories set in Middle-Earth are named after him (to my knowledge).
  8. Last week
  9. I'm sure your Pan's Labyrinth is better than mine would be, so thanks but no thanks. I can't remember how I rated Joe Vs. The Volcano as it's so long since I've seen it, but I'll rewatch it this weekend and try to scribble something out. I think I can see my way to a blurb for that, unless the *other* EdB claims first dibs.
  10. Rian Johnson's Star Wars Trilogy

    Yes, and Sauron is hardly the protagonist of Lord of the Rings. I wouldn't get hung up on strict adherence to the veracity of a title. At this point 'Star Wars' is shorthand for an entire universe, and I'd just like to see it explored with a little more variety. Force Awakens was such a cautious retread of previous entries - I'm hoping to see something of a departure starting next month.
  11. From IMDB, the release date schedule: It was also nominated for a 2017 Oscar and a Golden Globe, and was nominated or won for a variety of 2016 critics' list awards. So I'd be very hesitant to consider it a 2017 film.
  12. I could have sworn I watched 20th Century Women during the mad rush to see as many films as possible before *last* year's awards. (And I remember liking it, too.)
  13. Justice League

    Continuity question: Cyborg, when explaining his origin, says the Mother Box sat on a shelf and didn't do anything until after Superman died. But... I could have sworn that Bruce Wayne was watching Lex Luthor's video footage of Cyborg and the Mother Box in Batman v Superman, *before* Superman died.
  14. Justice League

    Ummm...was that Leonides of Sparta in one flashback? Hope my eyes deceived me, because if it was I may have to move Snyder below George Lucas on the "oh-my-God-aren't-I-clever!!!!!!!" index.
  15. And a really wild score to push the whole thing along. Andre Royo here is one of my favorite performances of the year. Glad you also caught this one.
  16. I second Hunter Gatherer and 20th Century Women. I really encourage everyone to check out Hunter Gatherer; it's the sort of quiet look at misfortune, obsession, and attempting to change your life after you've constructed a rut for yourself that seems right up our collective alley.
  17. Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

    I'm going to try to come up with something long-form about this movie, but for now: this is a film that benefits *tremendously* from lowered expectations.
  18. Because of your nomination, Ken, I am going to watch The Boss Baby before the nominations close. Also, I'm not sure I've seen any film this year more enjoyable than Valerian.
  19. Movie Calendar

    Hochelaga, Land of Souls (the Canadian Oscar entry) - Jacques Cartier declares on Oct 2, 1535 that the mountain is named Mont Real
  20. I know it's not necessary, but a third. Valerian was one of the most enjoyable films of the year for me.
  21. I have yet to see The Boss Baby, but your nomination here has moved it from my "never would consider watching" list to my "eh...perhaps..." list.
  22. And yet...still no second for The Boss Baby. I won't say I'm hurt, but...
  23. Excellent, Joel. Being part of that Dardennes list is a high compliment for a film.
  24. You know, I'm gonna second Valerian. For its Exodus-like narrative. And for Ryan Holt's religious-like love for it.
  25. Ah, the ending! Yes, I suppose there's something to that for our list. OK, I second The Trip to Italy.
  26. Hi all, and thanks for having me on board, Joel! I'll second the following: Milla, 24 Frames, Good Time, Sleep Has Her House, Split, Western (all of which are in my top 15 of the year). A few other nominations: Call Me by Your Name (Guadagnino) Ex Libris: The New York Public Library (Wiseman) On the Beach at Night Alone (Hong) Zama (Martel) Princess Cyd (Cone)
  27. The Breadwinner

    Cartoon Saloon's The Breadwinner...coming out this week in some places. I love Song of the Sea and really like Secret of Kells. Maturity and creative joy that is so rare in modern animation. A new film from this group gets me a good deal more excited than the prospect of a new Pixar or Disney animated film. Not more excited than Studio Ghibli, but maybe next in line. Can't wait.
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