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art and faith resource compendium...

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Posted 23 June 2007 - 10:38 AM

please feel free to add to this list:

Books on Art and Faith

·Adams, Doug, ed. Postmodern Worship and the Arts
·Adler, Mortimer J. Art, the Arts and the Great Ideas.
·Anderson, Cameron and Sandra Bowden, eds. Faith + Vision: Twenty-Five Years of Christians in the Visual Arts
·Anno Domini. Provincial Museum of Alberta.
·Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, ed. Art, Creativity and the Sacred.
·Avis, Paul. God and the Creative Imagination.
·Bailey, David A. Veil: Veiling, Representation and Contemporary Art
·Basil the Great. On the Human Condition Christian Architecture & Art
·Begbie, Jeremy (ed) - Beholding the Glory: Incarnation Through the Arts
·_____. Voicing Creation's Praise: Toward a Theology of the Arts
·Belting, Hans. Likeness and Presence: A History of the Image in the Era Before Art
·Berger, John. Ways of Seeing.
·Best, Harold. Unceasing Worship: Biblical Perspectives on Worship and the Arts
·Bond, Fiona. The Arts in Your Church: A Practical Guide
·Botts, Timothy R. Portraits of the Word: Great Verses of the Bible in Expressive Calligraphy
·Brand, Hilary and Adrienne Chaplin. Art and Soul: Signposts for Christians in the Arts
·Frank Burch Brown. Religious Aesthetics: A Theological Study of Making and Meaning.
·_____. Good Taste, Bad Taste, and Christian Taste: Aesthetics in Religious Life
·Brueggemann, Walter. The Prophetic Imagination.
·Bruggink, Donald J. Christ and Architecture: Building Presbyterian/Reformed Churches
·_____. When Faith Takes Form: Contemporary Churches of Architectural Integrity in America
·Bustard, Ned (ed). It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God
·Caemerrer, Richard R, Jr. Visual Art in the Life of the Church.
·Campbell, Douglas. Seeing: When Art and Faith Intersect.
·Card, Michael. Scribbling in the Sand: Christ and Creativity.
·Chagall, Marc. The Jerusalem Windows
·Chinn, Nancy. Spaces for Spirit: Adorning the Church
·Coleman, Earle Jerome. Creativity and Spirituality: Bonds Between Art and Religion.
·Couturier, M. A. Sacred Art.
·Daily, Eileen. Beyond the Written Word
·Danto, Arthur C. After the End of Art
·De Gruchy, John W. Christianity, Art and Transformation: Theological Aesthetics in the Struggle for Justice
·Detweiler, Craig and Barry Taylor. A Matrix of Meanings.
·Jane Dillenberger. Style and content in Christian art, 2nd ed
·_____. A Theology of Artistic Sensibilities.
·Downing, Crystal L. How Postmodernism Serves (My) Faith: Questioning Truth in Language, Philosophy and Art
·Dupré, Judith. Churches
·Dyrness, William A. Visual Faith: Art, Theology, and Worship in Dialogue
·_____. Reformed Theology and Visual Culture: The Protestant Imagination from Calvin to Edwards
·Elkins, James. On The Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art
·Janice Elsheimer and Thomas Blackshear. The Creative Call: An Artist's Response to the Way of the Spirit.
·Eusden, John Dystra. Sensing Beauty: Aesthetics, the Human Spirit and the Church
·Eversole, Finley, (ed). Christian Faith and the Contemporary Arts.
·Farley, Edward. Faith and Beauty: A Theological Aesthetic.
·Ferguson, George. Signs and Symbols in Christian Art.
·Fiddes, Paul. The Promised End.
·Corby Finney, Paul. Seeing Beyond the Word: Visual Arts and the Calvinist Tradition.
·_____. The Invisible God. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994)
·_____, (ed). Seeing Beyond the Word: Visual Arts and the Calvinist Tradition
·Friesen, Duane K. Artists, Citizens, Philosophers: Seeking the Peace of the City.
·Fuller, Peter. Theoria: Art and the Absence of Grace.
·Harned, David Bailey. Theology and the Arts.
·Gasque, Laure. Art and the Christian Mind: The Life and Work of H.R. Rookmaaker
·Geller, Ena G., et al. The Word as Art: Contemporary Renderings
·Getlein, Frank and Dorothy. Christianity in Modern Art.
·Giles, Richard. Re-Pitching the Tent
·Hall, Sarah. The Color of Light: Commissioning Stained Glass for a Church
·Harbison, Peter. The Crucifixion in Irish Art
·Hardiman, Pamela and Josephine Niemann. Raise the Banners High!: Making and Using Processional Banners
·Harries, Richard. Art and the Beauty of God: A Christian Understanding.
·Hartley, Eleanor. Postmodern Heretics: The Catholic Imagination in Contemporary Art
·Irvine, Christopher and Anne Dawtry. Art and Worship
·Jensen, Robin M. The Substance of Things Seen: Art, Faith, and the Christian Community
·John of Damascus. Three Treatises on the Divine Images
·Kieckhefer, Richard. Theology in Stone: Church Architecture from Byzantium to Berkeley
·Kuehn, Regina. A Place for Baptism
·Kuyper, Abraham. Lectures on Calvinism
·Laeuchli, Samuel. Religion and Art in Conflict.
·Lawrence, Kenneth, Susan Blain, and Sharon Gouwens, eds. Imaging the Word (Vol. 1-3)
·L'Engle, Madeleine.The Glorious Impossible
·_____. Walking on Water.
·Liddell, Jill. Patchwork Pilgrimage: How to Create Vibrant Church Decorations and Vestments with Quilting Techniques Matheson, Peter - Imaginative World of the Reformation
·MacGregor, Neil and Erika Langmuir. Seeing Salvation.
·Maritain, Jacques. Art & Scholasticism
·Markee, Dave. The Lost Glory.
·Mathewes-Green, Frederica. The Open Door: Entering the Sanctuary of Icons and Prayer
·Morgan, David. Visual Piety: A History and Theory of Popular Religious Images.
·Nathan, Walter. Art and the Message of the Church.
·Noland, Rory. The Heart of the Artist.
·Nouwen, Henri J.M. The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming
·_____. Behold the Beauty of the Lord: Praying with Icons
·O'Grady, Ron (ed), Asian Christian Art Association, World Council of Churches.
Christ For All People: Celebrating a World of Christian Art
·Overvoorde, Chris Stoffel. Passing the Colors: Engaging Visual Culture in the 21st Century
·Pattison, George. Art, Modernity and Faith.
·Perlmutter, Dawn (ed). SUNY: Reclaiming the Spiritual in Art
·Philippart, David (ed) - Clothed in Glory: Vesting the Church
·_____ - Basket, Basin, Plate and Cup
·Plate, Brent ed. Religion, Art & Visual Culture: A Cross-Cultural Reader
·Pongracz, Patricia C. The Next Generation: Contemporary Expressions of Faith
·Prescott, Theodore. A Broken Beauty
·Régamey, Pie-Raymond. Religious Art in the 20th Century.
·Romaine, James. Objects of Grace.
·Romanowski, William D. Eyes Wide Open: Looking for God in Popular Culture
·Rookmaaker, Hans. Modern Art and the Death of a Culture.
·_____. The Creative Gift.
·Ryken, Leland. Culture in Christian Perspective: A Door to Understanding and Enjoying the Arts.
·_____. The Liberated Imagination: Thinking Critically about the Arts.
·Ryken, Leland, et al. (eds) - Dictionary of Biblical Imagery: An encyclopedic exploration of the images, symbols, motifs, metaphors, figures of speech and literary patterns of the Bible
·Ryken, Philip Graham. Art for God's Sake: A Call to Recover the Arts
·Sayers, Dorothy. The Mind of the Maker.
·Scarry, Elaine. On Beauty and Being Just
·Schaeffer, Francis A. Art & the Bible.
·_____. How Should we Then Live?
·Schaeffer, Franky. Addicted to Mediocrity: 20th Century Christians and the Arts.
·_____ Sham Pearls for Real Swine
·Scott, Steve. Like a House on Fire: Renewal of the Arts in a Postmodern Culture.
·Seerveld, Calvin. A Christian Critique of Art and Literature.
·_____. Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves: Alternative Steps in Understanding Art
·_____. In The Fields of the Lord: A Calvin Seerveld Reader.
·_____. Rainbows for the Fallen World: Aesthetic Life and Artistic Task
·Shahn, Ben. The Shape of Content.
·Sherry, Patrick. Spirit and Beauty: An Introduction to Theological Aesthetics.
·Shiner, Larry. The Invention of Art: A Cultural History
·Sovik, E. A. Architecture for Worship.
·Spackman, Betty. A Profound Weakness: Christians & Kitsch
·Steiner, George. Real Presences.
·Stephens, Mitchell. The Rise of the Image, the Fall of the Word.
·Stone, Karen. Image and Spirit: Finding Meaning in Visual Art
·Sudbrock, Eleanore Fuecht, Kenneth Manglesdorf and Sally Beck. Seasons for Praise: Art for the Sanctuary
·Thiessen, Gesa Elsbeth, ed. Theological Aesthetics: A Reader
·Thistlethwaite, David. Art of God: And the Religions of Art.
·_____. The Art of God and the Religions of Art.
·Timms, Peter. What’s Wrong with Contemporary Art?
·Treier, Daniel J., Mark Husbands and Roger Lundin. The Beauty of God: Theology and the Arts
·Turner, Steve. Imagine.
·VanDillen Roth, Anne. Art and Soul: Exploring God's Power Through Scripture and Creative Arts
·Van Laar, Timothy. Active Sights: Art as Social Interaction
·Veith, Gene Edward. State of the Arts: From Bezalel to Mapplethorpe
·_____. Postmodern Times: A Christian Guide to Contemporary Thought and Culture.
·Veith, Jr., Gene Edward. The Gift of Art: The Place of the Arts in Scripture
·Viladesau, Richard. Theology and the Arts.
·Vrudny, Kimberly J. and Wilson Yates. Arts, Theology, and the Church: New Intersections
·Walker, Keith. Images or Idols? The place of sacred art in churches today.
·Walton, Janet R. Art and Worship: A Vital Connection
·White, James F. and Susan J. White. Church Architecture: Building and Renovating for Christian Worship
·_____. Protestant Worship and Church Architecture: Theological and Historical Considerations
·Wolfe, Gregory. Sacred Passion: The Art of William Schickel
·_____. Intruding Upon the Timeless.
·Wolterstorff, Nicholas. Art in Action.
·Wuthnow, Robert. Creative Spirituality: The Way of the Artist.
·Zelensky, Elizabeth, and Lela Gilbert. Windows to Heaven: Introducing Icons to Protestants and Catholics
·Zuidervaart, Lambert, ed. The Arts, Community and Cultural Democracy

·Creative Spirit
·Image: a Journal of the Arts and Religion

Online essays
·Abraham Kuyper. The Stone Lectures, Fifth Lecture: Calvinism and Art
·Hans Rookmaaker. Art Needs No Justification.
Calvin Seerveld. A Letter to Young Artists.

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Posted 23 June 2007 - 02:52 PM

QUOTE(Alan Thomas @ Jun 23 2007, 03:25 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Techne, a lot of these are already listed in the Arts & Faith /store; I'll try to add some that I've missed.

...i had no idea such a thing existed here - forgive me for being redundant (though it's always nice to have a listing of such resources for future reference and research, don'cha think?). i will see which ones aren't on my list and add them. feel free to add any others (and i'm sure there are many other relevant and helpful books)...

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Posted 24 June 2007 - 10:37 PM

I've seen lists like this before, in fact printed some of them off and have them in a notebook around here somewhere. They are, however, overwhelming. Esp. to more or less non-reader types like me. I wish I could read faster, had the time to really dive into a bunch of the most important ones.

But I don't. I really want to get Christians and Kitsch, about as much as any other book right now.

How many of these have you read?

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Posted 25 June 2007 - 03:25 AM

Thanks for the list!

It's pretty heavy on 20th century and after. Anyone know any more older texts? You've included John of Damascus and Basil but there must be more.

Also, it's been a while since I read Ways of Seeing but I don't remember it specifically being about faith.

Here are a few more:

Transcendence with the Body in Art: George Segal, Stephen De Staebler, Jasper Johns, and Christo by Doug Adams

-->valuable for its specificity, since most of the books on the list are very general/broad in scope.

Breath for the Bones: Art, Imagination, and Spirit by Luci Shaw

-->brand new

Art and the Beauty of God: A Christian Understanding by Richard Harries

-->don't know anything about it.

Material Religion, a fairly new scholarly journal, is not concerned exclusively with Christian faith, but it fits the bill.

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Posted 25 June 2007 - 09:35 AM

QUOTE(yank_eh @ Jun 25 2007, 04:25 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
It's pretty heavy on 20th century and after. Anyone know any more older texts? You've included John of Damascus and Basil but there must be more.

Also, it's been a while since I read Ways of Seeing but I don't remember it specifically being about faith.

that's part of the reason i posted this - to get more books for this list. i know there is an emphasis on the last century. perhaps it's more telling that issues of faith were simply addressed as part of the artist's work in the past (as in my lovely gigantic tome on bosch) without the necessity of addressing it directly or as a separate issue. but i would also like to see other [earlier] writings on the subject. thanks for your additions!

as for ways of seeing - i have, admittedly, included a couple of my personal faves that may not directly address the issue. simply some good additions. i probably should have edited that out.

chasab - i've read about 65%. isn't every library filled with books we'll get to "one day"? i just like lists. and i like having exhaustive lists for [future] research. the spackman book is wonderful -- lavishly illustrated, balanced and cogent - not simply a rejection of an attack on kitsch. the questions at the back are a great addition for further reflection and engagement.

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Posted 27 June 2007 - 12:02 PM

Here are a couple of books I would add:

The Forbidden Image: An Intellectual History of Iconoclasm By Alain Besancon-Besancon traces iconoclasm from it's roots into the 20th century evaluating the ideas of Kandinsky and Malevich as the last great outbreak of iconoclasm. Very thought provoking.

Painting and Reality" by Etienne Gilson

The Theology of the Body by Pope John Paul II- If you haven't read his section in this book about art you should.

Face to face : portraits of the divine in early Christianity by Robin Margaret Jensen.

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Posted 15 June 2012 - 07:10 PM

please feel free to add to this list:

Books on Art and Faith

�Romanowski, William D. Eyes Wide Open: Looking for God in Popular Culture

Amazon just let me know that, based on previoius orders, I might be interested in Romanowski's new book, Reforming Hollywood: How American Protestants Fought for Freedom at the Movies. Description:

Hollywood and Christianity often seem to be at war. Indeed, there is a long list of movies that have attracted religious condemnation, from Gone with the Wind with its notorious "damn," to The Life of Brian and The Last Temptation of Christ. But the reality, writes William Romanowski, has been far more complicated--and remarkable.

In Reforming Hollywood, Romanowski, a leading historian of popular culture, explores the long and varied efforts of Protestants to influence the film industry. He shows how a broad spectrum of religious forces have played a role in Hollywood, from Presbyterians and Episcopalians to fundamentalists and evangelicals. Drawing on personal interviews and previously untouched sources, he describes how mainline church leaders lobbied filmmakers to promote the nation's moral health and, perhaps surprisingly, how they have by and large opposed government censorship, preferring instead self-regulation by both the industry and individual conscience. "It is this human choice," noted one Protestant leader, "that is the basis of our religion." Tensions with Catholics, too, have loomed large--many Protestant clergy feared the influence of the Legion of Decency more than Hollywood's corrupting power. Romanowski shows that the rise of the evangelical movement in the 1970s radically altered the picture, in contradictory ways. Even as born-again clergy denounced "Hollywood elites," major studios noted the emergence of a lucrative evangelical market. 20th Century-Fox formed FoxFaith to go after the "Passion dollar," and Disney took on evangelical Philip Anschutz as a partner to bring The Chronicles of Narnia to the big screen.