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Threads for Individual Films

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#1 Greg Wolfe

Greg Wolfe

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Posted 07 July 2010 - 01:19 PM

Dear A&Fers:

Now that the Top 100 website is done, there’s only one part that could use some finishing touches.

On each page, as you know, there’s a link at the bottom directing visitors to an A&F thread about the particular film, in order to give them a sense of what our community is about, as well as discussion about that particular film.

In most instances there already was a thread about the films but in some cases, we’ve needed to stretch, though only a little.

For example, for a couple of Yasujiro Ozu’s films (including Early Summer, which pulled in at #9) we needed to link to general posts about him—which is helpful, but not focused on the individual films.

So the question is: does anyone want to start specific threads for these films?

Consider this simply an invitation. We’re not trying to force anything here. It’s just an issue that arose when we put the site together.

If you start or find a thread specific to any of the following films, message our intern, Nate, whose username is NathanielETRogers with the URL, and it will be on the site before you know it.


9. Early Summer

13. The Seventh Seal

16. The Mirror (We just have a general Tarkovsky post, and one about The Mirror’s DVD release)

17. The Apu Trilogy (either about one of the films or all three would work)

19. Floating Weeds

21. Tokyo Story – The general Ozu thread is mostly concerned with Tokyo Story, but a specific one wouldn’t hurt, if somebody’s up for it.

25. Nostalghia

30. Stalker

34. Close-Up (currently only in a thread on Iranian cinema)

35. Wild Strawberries

37. Playtime (we only have one about the dvd release)

38-39. Winter Light / Through a Glass Darkly (both are listed under the thread on Bergman’s faith trilogy, which is accurate, but once again, it wouldn’t hurt to have threads for each film)

41. Summer/The Green Ray: Currently just a general thread on Rohmer.

50. The Cyclist (currently just in the same Iranian thread as Close-Up)

53. My Life to Live (just a dvd release question)

57. The Wind Will Carry Us (Ditto with Cyclist/Close-Up)

61. Paris, Texas

64. Beau Trevail
65. After-Life

69. Dersu Uzala

71. An Autumn Afternoon

75. Rashomon(!)

76. Becket (currently only about the DVD release)
91. Au Revoir Les Enfants (currently a general Louis Malle thread)

94. In Praise of Love

97. M. Hulot’s Holiday

99. Breaking the Waves

Thanks for your help!

#2 Peter T Chattaway

Peter T Chattaway

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Posted 07 July 2010 - 01:33 PM

Greg, is it necessarily a problem that some of the linked threads were originally about the DVD releases? I assume that at least some of those threads hark back to an earlier time in A&F history when we used to have separate 'Film' and 'DVD' fora, but those fora have long since been merged, and I would be quite happy to continue discussing the films in question in whatever threads already exist for them. I mean, we're probably going to be WATCHING these films on DVD in the first place, right? :)