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2012 Golden Globes

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#1 Overstreet


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Posted 16 January 2012 - 12:20 AM

I think it's worth noting that the Golden Globes 2012 ended more than an hour ago, and no one has bothered to begin a thread about them at all.

And having read a summary of the show and a list of the winners, I completely understand that.

But for the sake of being thorough... here it is, the token Golden Globes 2012 thread. No need to discuss it. Sounds like there was nothing particularly noteworthy or memorable.

#2 Christian



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Posted 17 January 2012 - 05:46 PM

I was tweeting out my thoughts on the broadcast to my six followers.

Tweets were as follows (most recent up top):

christian_ham Christian Hamaker
Have finished the Syrah and have opened the Port. Don't judge me.
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christian_ham Christian Hamaker
This is the 2nd Globe for Madonna, who previously won "for her acting performance in..." wha??
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christian_ham Christian Hamaker
@ @DavidPoland I was so perplexed by your tweet that I repeated your spelling of "Downtown."
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christian_ham Christian Hamaker
@ @DavidPoland Wow, David. When you're wrong, you're REALLY wrong. Talk to a 30-something and learn how widely watched "Downtown Abbey" is.
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--I figured such edifying "conversation" wasn't worthy of A&F. But I did also post to Facebook about the Globes:

Believe me, my wife will understand when I say: Watching Julianne Moore run down Golden Globe award nominees that include Diane Lane -- well, it just doesn't get any better in my world. Even though Kate Winslet won the actual award.

--And then Salma Hayek showed up to present, and I couldn't move. Couldn't type. Just sat there staring.

So those were my uplifting thoughts on the awards telecast. You might say I wasn't the broadcast's toughest critic.

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