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Decalogue "Spiritual"?

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Doug C


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Posted 22 December 2005 - 01:50 PM

A friend at work passed along this article on to me yesterday, originally published earlier this year by The Chronicle of Higher Education--"Kieslowski's Inescapable Moral Horizons." It's written by an ethics professor at Baylor University, who establishes his premise in his second 'graph:

"Throughout his distinguished career and especially with the publication of his magisterial Sources of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity, [Charles] Taylor -- professor emeritus at McGill University and a professor of law and philosophy at Northwestern University -- has insisted that, so long as it remains an abstract exercise in conceptual analysis, moral philosophy will stay embroiled in insoluble skeptical puzzles and doomed to practical irrelevance. Taylor argues persuasively that moral philosophy needs to exhibit greater openness to the rich ethical resources embedded in ordinary human experience and the arts. In the specific political and social context of late 20th-century Poland, Kieslowski's films attempt to recover and depict what Taylor calls 'inescapable moral horizons.'"

I think this article has a lot of relevance to this thread, of course, but also tonalities that have recently sounded in the Blade Runner and Stalker threads. Enjoy.