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Posted 09 February 2007 - 01:25 PM

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This is a most quiet board. I was hoping for a bit more activity to help me sort out things, rather disappointing. sad.gif

Since this is the only thread you've posted on, I imagine you don't have a feel for the board overall, but this community is more of a "critic" focused forum - the primary discussions take place around discussing and evaluating art, not creating it for whatever reason. But if you're really looking for info on film schools and equipment, you can probably find a lot of boards out there with a lot more information than what you'll get here.

Just the way it is.

Fair enough. The thing I was hoping was that this would be a place where I could discuss making film with other believers. Any idea where that sort of place exists?

By the way, love your av. I just hosted a film discussion night with some students, and we watched "Shawshank". Funny little tidbit: in Russian (I live in the former USSR) they translated it "Shawshank Escape". How's that for missing the point?

Missing the point maybe - giving away the story, definitely!