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Three Colors Trilogy (1993/4)

aka Trois couleurs

Please note that this entry covers three films, made in under a year, and considered some of Kieslowski's finest work (and are his final work).

Trois couleurs: Bleu ("Three Colors: Blue") (1993)

Trzy kolory: Bialy ("Three Colors: White") (1994)

This chapter in the trilogy explores the failed marriage of two beauticians, Karol and Dominique, Polish immigrants in Paris. When Karol is shunned by Dominique, he returns to his homeland to remake his life in a way that he thinks she will respect. Considered by some to be a dark comedy, this film does use the utter desperation of Karol to comic effect, but ultimately addresses the equality of the sexes, the nature of love, desire, and hate, and the power and allure of revenge.

Trois couleurs: Rouge ("Three Colors: Red") (1994)

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Directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski
290 minutes
Primary language(s): French, Polish