Spiritually Significant Film

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Close-Up (1990)

aka Nema-ye Nazdik

Using the original persons involved as actors, Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami blends drama with documentary in what must not be called a 'docudrama.' Instead, Kiarostami takes on the journey of a poor many for whom cinema is a most important spiritual institution. Caught off-guard with a script, he fibs, and impersonates a famous director. One thing leads to another, and he ends up in the home of a family, convincing them, and perhaps himself, that he's about to make a great film, using their house and family.

A journalist gets wind of the story and brings the police to the house to arrest what may be a dangerous con man. The story is told in the courthouse, in re-enacted flashbacks (using the real persons involved), with Kiarostami directly involved, on-screen in the filming. A truly innovative and wonderful film about the power of movies, forgiveness, and the spiritual depth of one lonely soul.



Directed by Abbas Kiarostami
100 minutes
Primary language(s): Persian