Spiritually Significant Film

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Ponette (1996)

Ponette is as powerful a film as has been made about the interior life of children, and features some astonishing acting from 4- and 5-year olds. This is not a "cute" movie about kids... it's about what goes on in the minds and hearts of human beings during their first encounters with the confusing world of grownup spirituality, situational ethics, infidelities, broken marriages, and, above all, the confounding riddles of death.

A precious little girl named Ponette has lost her mother in a car crash, and she is very angry. She wants to understand, and she goes to her friends, her family, and those designated as people who "know about God" or are "children of God", seeking answers. What she finds is doubly disturbing and baffling.

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Directed by Jacques Doillon
97 minutes
Primary language(s): French